Juan Pablo Guido Granera

Age: 19
Grade: 2nd year medical student
Bio: Juan (on left) is one of seven children in his family.

He is actively involved in his home congregation as one of the main leaders of the youth group and occasionally preaches.

He enjoys playing soccer and his favorite team is Barcelona. His dream is to finish medical school and open up a clinic where he can serve the needs of the community and church.

Letter from Juan:

Hello brothers and sisters,

I would like to inform you that yesterday I started the 2nd year of my studies thanks to God and to you. In these first two weeks we will receive training on how to help in case of natural disasters. After those two weeks we will begin our second year of medical school, which most people consider to be very difficult.

The first half of the year we will be studying the Respiratory system and PHC (Primary Health Care). For this course I will be assigned to a health center here in Leon. The second half of the year, we will be studying the Digestive system and our last and most difficult is the Cardiovascular system.

This year, with God’s help, I hope to do very well. God bless you and I am eternally grateful for the support you give me. Blessings and success in all your plans and projects.

– Juan