Sponsor a Student


How sponsorship works:
  • Choose a student from our list of prospective students.
  • Make a financial commitment.
  • Upon sponsorship, you will receive a personal letter and photo from your sponsored student.
What to expect when you sponsor a student:
  • You can expect that your monthly support will go directly to the student and their family.
  • You can expect quarterly newsletters from the WFI updating you on current events.
  • You can expect progress reports twice a year from your sponsored student.
  • You can expect many opportunities to connect with your student – through emails, letters, cards, packages, and even visits.
What to expect from each student:
  • We expect each student to make every effort to grow spiritually.
  • We expect each student to maintain all grades above 70 percent.
  • We expect each student to send updates, twice a year, to their sponsors.

If you have any questions about sponsoring a student, please contact us.



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