Prospective Students

Sponsoring a student is a wonderful way to make a tangible and immediate impact on the lives of many people. In developing areas, the weight of raising a child falls on not only the immediate family, but also on their community and local church. Sponsoring a student lifts this burden off of the shoulders of others and creates opportunity for growth.

As a sponsor, you will also have the opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with your sponsored student. The WFI is committed to giving our sponsors every opportunity to connect with their student – through email, letters, packages, and even visiting their sponsored student.

When you sponsor a student, your monthly support will go directly to the child to help cover the cost of enrollment, school supplies, public transportation, and any other item needed to complete their studies. Monthly sponsorship varies from student to student based on their level of study, living conditions, and other considerations. We hope that you prayerfully consider one of our students that currently need your support…


1. Katherine MendietaKatherine Mendieta

Katherine is a sophomore in college and majoring in Marketing. Her goals are to graduate from college and find employment so that she can support her four year old son and family. She also hopes to be a mentor to all the young ladies in her church and community.

Katherine is in need of $75 per month.





Meyling is 14 years old and currently in 8th grade. Her favorite classes are chemistry and biology and she enjoys participating in experiments. Every year she participates in her school’s science fair and this year she plans on making an eco-friendly insecticide from garlic and onion. She is also active in her church and enjoys teaching the kids class.

Meyling is in need of $30 per month.



3. Graciela LopezGraciela Lopez

Graciela is 10 years old and in 5th grade. Her favorite classes are French and English and last year she made the honor roll. Graciela lives with her parents and two other siblings on a coffee farm. Her father is the local preacher and she and her family are very active in teaching and working with the youth.

Graciela is in need of $20 per month.





4. Ana Gabriela PupiroAna Pupiro

Ana Gabriela is in her last year of college and is studying public accounting and finance. She is an active member of the church in Masatepe where she grew up. She is the treasurer for the youth group, teaches in the kids class, secretary of benevolence and is also part of the evangelistic team. She enjoys playing volleyball and hanging out with her friends. She hopes to one day start her own business.

Ana Gabriela is in need of $100 per month.





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