The Way Foundation bases its mission on the greatest commandment: Love God by loving others. Our mission is to fulfill this commandment by following Jesus' example of teaching and helping those in need.

Our goal at the WFI is to see our students succeed from start to finish, from elementary school to securing full-time employment. We are well aware that having an education does not guarantee full-time employment, especially in developing areas where job opportunities are scarce.

To overcome this, we work with our students from the beginning by guiding them toward a career path that has a higher demand or by working with them in developing a business plan and providing micro loans to start their own business. A defining moment in breaking this cycle of poverty and dependence is when we see our students secure full-time employment - but the blessings do not end there.

Having secured a full-time job or established a new business will give them the means to give back to their own family, church, and community. We have faith that providing spiritual guidance as they go through our program will instill in all our students a sense of gratitude and responsibility for their fellow man. When the time comes to give back, they are willing and excited to do so.

This is our prayer, that the perpetual cycle of poverty and dependence gives way to a perpetual cycle of success and giving.